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"you are my one and only"
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"it's a hard and a long path we're living at, but fortunately, we lived through it together."
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“This is going to sound crazy, but… From the moment I first set eyes on you I haven’t been able to stop thinking about you.”

and your absence is the strongest scent in the air


"..., but you didn't." [x]
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SeStal Fandom Name

Hey guys!

So I know things have been really slow on this page, but we finally got around to holding a poll on AFF to decide our fandom name! There were a lot of cool suggestions, but after the voting, it came down to Juveniles (or Juvies for short). 

The word ‘juvenile’ by dictionary definition means young or youthful, or pertaining or having characteristics of young persons. This part ties in Se Hun and Krystal’s maknae statuses.

But the detonation for the word also captures the whole ‘forever young’ concept as well. Juvenile is also associated with reckless teens and adolescent troublemakers. It’s quite suitable for the pair as they seem to both be the mischievous ones in their groups, huh? In a way this pairing is the epitome of the famous “teenage phrase”.

Once, a creative writing teacher had said, “The problem and beauty of your teenage generation is self-expression. It’s like you guys don’t have filters and write whatever comes to mind, sparing no feelings.” That’s why Juveniles work well too because it’s not one of those mushy, soft names like ‘Effervescents’ or ‘Eternals’. It’s honest, it doesn’t try too hard. It’s “the perpetual pursuit of cool but aloof…” (A line from the poem “Fluorescent Adolescence”, great poem that you should read btw). 

So yeah, that pretty much sums up our new fandom name! In honor of this occasion, I have a new project coming up that I will share with you guys soon! (Hint, hint it’s got a lot of the 94-line ;) ) 

I do apologize for the absence of the admins but I’ll done with the school year by Tues. and Angela just graduated! Woohoo! She graduated salutatorian of her class too! You guys should go congratulate her (if you know her AFF or tumblr)! 

Look out for more SeStal stuff, Juvies! 

- Admin Rora 

Anonymous sent: uhm, what their fans name?

Thank you anon for making me get my lazy butt up to finally do this. 

We don’t actually have a fanclub name yet :( BUT! We were already thinking about coming up with one. Check out my friend Kelly’s (and fellow hardcore SeStal shipper) update about it here. It kinda describes the concept that we want our name to have.  

So name suggestions are open! :D I know you guys are some creative people so I’d love to hear from you! Seriously, don’t be afraid, I don’t bite, I swear. ;)      

(p.s. I was thinking of something to do with Peter Pan or Neverland. I hope that helps. No? LOL.) 

- Admin Rora


Oh Sehun - Krystal Jung

“You’re always on my mind”


» 7 Days of the Week

Title: 7 Days of the Week
Length: Oneshot
Rating: PG-PG13
Genre:  Romance, Angst  

Summary: Se Hun wants to leave, and Krystal strikes a deal with him. And in a matter of seven days, Se Hun realizes that the girl in his heart has never changed. 

» Loved it! Little disappointed in myself for not getting around to recommending it earlier. But school calls, so ya gotta do what you gotta do, ya know? But anyways, it was a entertaining good read. Looking forward to more SeStal works from this author (; (Admin Rora)

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au meme: the wedding date

krystal jung is a young columnist for one of the biggest papers in florida. she’s found success in her education, her job, her social life, her family, and basically everything except love as her sharp tongue and rigid morals drive most men off. she finally finds minho, and think he could be the one, but he dumps her two days before her younger sister sulli’s wedding. refusing to face the family alone and date-less, krystal does something she knows she’ll regret. 

she hires a wedding date.

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